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Comedy, GB 2006

Last of the Summer Wine

Who's That Merry Man With Billy, Then?
Billy has received a letter from one D W Cheetham, who is keen to join his band of Merry Men. But it turns out that D W Cheetham is a woman.
Last of the Summer WineComedy, GB 2006Dienstag, 17.07.2018
Beginn: 15:10 UhrEnde: 15:40 UhrLänge: 30 min.
Darsteller:Peter Sallis (Clegg), Brian Wilde (Walter 'Foggy' Dewhurst), Bill Owen (William 'Compo' Simmonite), Frank Thornton (Truly), Keith Clifford (Billy), Brian Murphy (Alvin), Kathy Staff (Nora)
Produktion:British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)
Regie:Alan J.W. Bell
Drehbuch:Roy Clarke
Musik:Ronnie Hazlehurst
Originaltitel:Last of the Summer Wine
Kategorie:Serie, Comedy