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Comedy, GB 1991

Keeping Up Appearances

Onslow's Birthday
Keeping Up Appearances
Hyacinth's invited to Onslow's birthday lunch. Rose's wealthy Greek boyfriend has offered to collect her and Richard from their home in his limousine.
Keeping Up AppearancesComedy, GB 1991Montag, 16.07.2018
Beginn: 15:40 UhrEnde: 16:10 UhrLänge: 30 min.
Darsteller:Patricia Routledge (Hyacinth), Josephine Tewson (Elizabeth), Judy Cornwell (Daisy), Geoffrey Hughes (Onslow), Mary Millar (Rose), David Griffin (Emmet), Clive Swift (Richard)
Produktion:Clerkenwell Films / British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)
Regie:Harold Snoad
Drehbuch:Roy Clarke
Musik:Nick Ingman
Originaltitel:Keeping Up Appearances
Kategorie:Serie, Comedy