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Comedy, GB 1993

Keeping Up Appearances

Country Retreat
Hyacinth plans to buy a small weekend retreat in the country take an unexpected turn.
Keeping Up AppearancesComedy, GB 1993Sonntag, 15.07.2018
Beginn: 14:30 UhrEnde: 15:00 UhrLänge: 30 min.
Darsteller:Patricia Routledge (Hyacinth Bucket), Judy Cornwell (Daisy), Josephine Tewson (Elizabeth Warden), Geoffrey Hughes (Onslow), Mary Millar (Rose), David Griffin (Emmet Hawksworth), Clive Swift (Richard Bucket)
Produktion:British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)
Regie:Harold Snoad
Drehbuch:Roy Clarke
Originaltitel:Keeping Up Appearances
Kategorie:Serie, Comedy